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Why The Designsmith should design your website!

The Designsmith has been providing website design and development, branding, advertising and computer graphic design services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana since July 2000. Our extensive experience has armed us with an abundance of support systems to cover all your website and digital graphics needs - we are your one-stop shop and we have many happy references to prove it!

Thanks in part to the communication resources of the web, and in part to the professionalism and work ethics of our team, The Designsmith takes a relatively new business perspective which allows you to get the best possible website for the least amount of money.

Our approach

We are a confederation of independent artists and programmers under one umbrella with greatly reduced overhead. With intimate knowledge of each other's methods and capabilties, we can produce almost any conceivable website or advertising campaign. We employ the very best artists, designers and programmers and all you pay for is our time - not the air conditioning.

Why haven't you heard of us? We don't advertise! In fact, while we are listed on a couple of service websites, you can't find us in the phone book and you may never see a print advertisement for our services. The vast majority of our clients are here by reference alone.

Our business plan

Our business plan is very simple - we make you very happy so you tell your friends and we end up with plenty to do. That means your satisfaction is paramount to our success and we'll do everything we can to make you a satisfied, referring client!

One great advantage of using this small firm is to know that your project will not only be conceived on the advice of a professional, but carried out by one as well. In most cases you'll talk with Paul Miller, owner of The Designsmith, who will stay with you through the entire course offering the marketing, design and web prowess you need to make the right decisions and get the best results for your hard-earned dollars. Paul can be reached seven days a week at 225.336.5444. In fact, when most business ends at 5pm, The Designsmith keeps going till the job is done. When you need it tomorrow it gets done today, and when you have an emergency while most people are sleeping, The Designsmith answers the phone.

After years of combining our resources we have a reputation to stand on and many happy references who will recommend us highly. Call us today or send us your website outline to get a free estimate for you project - you'll be glad you did!