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You may use the form below to receive a no-obligation estimate for the cost of developing your website. You will need to enter your name and email address below so that we can send the results to you, but please feel free to submit the form as many times as you like. If you have special requirements that do not present themselves here simply make a note at the bottom of the form and we'll tailor an estimate for you based on that criteria.

Notice that we've set this up to calculate costs based on the typical needs of a client so it presumes you want the most control for each selection, meaning the page would be programmed. Costs can quickly be reduced in cases where you do not require the ability to update the page on the fly which is often the case. Remember that this is only an estimate, and prices can be adjusted in a variety of ways to fit into your budget.

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Just select the pages or programs you'd like below, press 'submit' and enjoy!

Design & Presentation
We're committed to providing the lastest HTML5 design code, but some of you may want more! Responsive design changes with your screen size and open source applications of jQuery add a lot of fun movement and bounce to your pages!
Responsive Web Design
Basic HTML5 Web Design
jQuery Slider
jQuery Photo Carousel
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Lists Pages
Simple programs - and not very costly. These allow you to compile pages full of your favorite things.
Helpful LInks
Company Awards
Frequent Questions
Lists Pages w/ Drilldown
These pages can be created with the Page Manager, but to make it easier to manage your website these programs can really help.
News / Press Releases
Company Services
Products & Features
Knowledge Base
Practice Areas
Staff or Personnel
Job Opportunities
Forms & Submissions
Every advertising wizard knows this is what we're all after - the action! We've refined these to take care of everything and even still we'll customize for you!
Contact Us
Register or Sign Up
Get Quote
Poll or Survey
Job Application
Displays & Portfolios
A picture is worth ...more than words and these programs allow you to manage photos in every website way.
Photo Gallery
Product Portfolio
Knowledge-Based Library
Case Studies
Special Interactions
Our Page Managerer is a simple content management system that allows you to add/edit and delete pages on your site. The other items add a degree of interactivity that gives your visitors the opportunity to interact with you.
General Page Manager
Sponsors Logo Slideshow
Suggestion Box
Event Calendar (List Format)
Event Calendar (Display Style)


By pressing the 'Free Estimate button below you will be advised of a very near estimate for the cost of developing your website according to current standards with a premium template specially designed with your needs in mind. There may be additional costs for your development including such things as domain registration, web hosting, SSL certificates, authorization company accounts and more that may be provided by another web vendor.

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