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Product Photography

We've noticed your choices are pretty slim when it comes to acquiring a nice photo of your product to put on your website. You can

  1. Go to a professional photographer who'll bring out the blizzard machine and sweat the Coke can until it has just the right bead pattern, shoot it 50 times from every angle with mood lighting and a strobe, and only charge you a small fortune...
  2. Get Billy's digital camera with the 3x optical and 12x digital zoom that somehow never manages to take a clear picture even if your background doesn't include the neighbor talking over the fence...
  3. Pull out that old Nikon and have it printed at Wal-Mart where the lighting always seems oddly different than what you remembered
  4. Run it through the scanner if it's flat enough
  5. Call Us!

We've got a simple plan... We clean up your product and place it on one of our nice backgrounds with some all-angle lighting and point our fancy digital camera at it. We shoot the picture and take it back to our studio where we adjust the image for contrast, colors and clarity and then go over it to take out funny looking things like streaks in the label and splotches on the glass. We output it first in high resolution suitable for your print advertising and then optimize it in a few sizes and formats for the web... and we only charge for our time. Tends to work out that the more you do the less it costs per piece, and in the end you get excellent picture quality at an affordable price.

How much?

We charge $90/hour with a 1-hour minimum and can shoot and clean up about 4 pictures an hour depending on how many products are in there and how much cleaning up needs to be done.