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It is far more than just an overture to say that we have been designing and programming beautiful fluid websites for over years. It is a testiment to a deeper understanding of the online world and all the quirks, the platforms, the systems and capabilities of the users that go into making a good website. For a long time we have boasted a hesitation to go to far forward when it meant significant numbers of users wouldn't be able to use the sytem. Now what we're seeing is that the 'new guys' don't go back far enough to be compatible to many users. It is a fact that many large companies are simply behind in the technology and when your website doesn't work for them everybody loses!

We see how many new designers right out of tech college are ready to give you a 'powerful' website but we're reminding you that experience is not something to be discounted too quickly. We have worked with you, we know how to help you, how to bring you through the process within your comfort zone, and we know what the right questions are to end with a product that returns your investment.


It is one thing to say that our business is based on referral - that our current clients tell our prospective clients that they can trust us to develop their websites or design their logo at a great price and with the utmost care and concern to boot. We love that! But it is quite another thing to keep serving a client long enough to re-design their website three and four times! That says they believe in us, and we have more than one very large and well known client who we have done that for. This says that after talking to us for a decade and watching their online presence expand and adapt they like how it is working out and look forward to where it is going!


We all watch the movies and are enamored at the hip kids who cajole their way into a billion-dollar company like Facebook. But at the same time something doesn't sit well and we hope we don't have to face that kind of person when we need a job done. We want honesty, integrity, paperwork, references and a modicum of manners wrapped in a coat of business ethics. We want our web developer to answer the phone, manage situations, guide us with experience, anticipate our needs and our worries and solve our problems - not just talk about them. At The Designsmith professionalism goes far beyond holding a degree from an accredited university, a lattered business license and decades of experience in the field. It means bring balance and poise to the table to cultivate successful communication and create an exciting atmosphere of forward-thinking cooperation.


We presume your web presence is very important to you. We know that people will make decisions about you based on the presentation and that you are considering whether it is wise to pay a professional or hire a kid who says he can do it for $500. We don't give these things away, but we have worked it out so that we can put together a custom package for you that focuses on presentation but gives you all the tools to grow your website within our dynamic framework. And we do it in a modular and portable style that allows us to keep the costs way down. And, we always throw in something for free to encourage a special feeling of pride in your ownership of your website. Listen to our suggestions, tell us what your budget is, and let us show you options that can make something happen for you.


Better Business Bureau Rated A+

The Designsmith is a BBB Accredited Business rated A+ with no complaints after more than 18 years of doing business. Click below for more information.

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