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Website Design for Baton Rouge Small Business


Our Approach to Website Design

The Designsmith's approach is the integration of advertising principles to website design. We specialize in conveying a message unique to your product and market position that says more than just what you sell. Using brilliant images and intuitive navigation, combining the possibilities of html code with cascading style sheets and javascripts with just the right backgrounds and foregrounds we tell your customers who you are and what you do often without saying anything.

Advertising can be described as the art of impersonal communication. Good advertising calls attention to the important elements of a message so that the right people read it and those people ultimately continue through and respond to it - and that's exactly what you want in your website design... intuition and action.

Our Web Design Implementation

The implementation of our website designs is brought aboutthrough the use of a template as described in our overview of website development. Once a website template is designed and coded in HTML we programatically insert it into the individual pages. And through our friendly content management system you have control over almost everything that appears on these pages. It's smart, intuitive, and made for people that don't like to read instructions!

Our Standards for Website Design & Implementation

We are of the opinion that 10% is not an insignificant segment of your target population. We believe that if one out of every 10 people that walked through your office door bumped their head you wouldn't insist that they go to your competitor - you'd fix the door and fire the architect. But you see it all the time on the web... "WARNING, WE'VE DETECTED THAT YOU CAN'T USE OUR WEBSITE." Here's the message; "You need to download this or buy that or just realize that we've decided we know what's best for everybody and you just can't use our website unless you work on your computer first." And like most things today the visitors are on their own to figure out and fix the problem. When confronted with such a message would you install a new browser or go to the competitor's website? Me - I'd look for a more accommodating website.

We look at web stats all day long for all kinds of business and we know what most people in your target audience can deal with - and we're going to build your website so they can. We'll test it and review it on Macintosh and Windows platforms in all the commonly used browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

All CSS-based layouts with jQuery

We'll build the most modern css-based, web compliant website that we can that allows the most people in your target audience to enjoy thoroughly. Now, there will still be some people who have small issues with your website, but even they will still be able to use it effectively and before we send you an invoice you'll understand exactly why we ignored their specific problem.

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