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In this day and age almost all graphics are digital. In practical terms 'digital graphics' are graphics that are created on a computer and can therefore be transferred by means of digital systems like CDs, E-Mail and the Internet.

Everything from the logo on your t-shirt to the design of your booth; art for your PowerPoint presentation, flyers, banners, keychains and coffee cups and so much more... CD and book covers, magazine ads, logos and stationery; product boxes and wine labels, you name it. And we do it all!


All we need is a set of specifications!

Terms you'll never want to know (and don't ever have to) are used consistently throughout the industry. To produce your calendar or postcard with the optimal brilliance we request these specifications from your printer. They tell us the correct size, resolution, colors available, bleed and positioning for the piece and we construct it accordingly.

While most of the time we refer to printed materials when discussing digital graphics, we wouldn't want you to forget the whole world of digital web graphics. We've devoted half our website presentation to the creation of websites, web banners, and so much more. Program splash art and icons, web buttons and flash animations are just some of the digital graphics we'll produce for your website - whether we do the whole website or not!


Some Examples:

Secure Software Program Box Design

Box design for CodeAssure Solo
We produced the entire spectrum of graphics for CodeAssure Solo from the splash graphics of the program through the CD label (below) and covers to the box it is sold in.

Master Pro Grease Package Label Design

Label design for MasterPro LMX Greases
The Designsmith has designed labels for over 30 products from various companies. This prototype is for the new MasterPro line of greases which hasn't gone into production yet.

Secure Software CD Label Design with Jewel Box

CD Cover and Jewel Box
You can't send out a CD without a label and a case is just another professional touch.

Secure Software Book Cover Design

Book Cover for Secure Software CLASP
No program would be complete without a manual and no design service would be complete if it couldn't produce the cover for the manual.


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So contact us today with your digital dreams and we'll be quick to give you an estimate to make them come true.