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Website Organizational Services to save you time!

...and help get your site done right!

Entering into the world of the web is a daunting prospect and we understand that you need help - that's why we do what we do and you do what you do. So we're happy to offer these new services to make that leap easier for our clients and give them a bit of an on-the-job training as we go. Rather than ask you to write outlines and content for your website, figure out how everything should work, and go out to get the pictures for it, we'll set up appointments to have our professional web developer, journalist and/or photographer visit you and take care of it. You get to sit back and just answer questions while we do the rest.


Outline/Flowchart Development

I know! If you had the time to do it we would already see your website up and collecting payments... but you just don't. You're not sure what really needs to be there, how many pages, how to explain it to some snappy web company, or what any of this has to do with search engines. You'd really prefer to have somebody come in and talk to you about it, point out what's good and what's not, and come up with an outline that you can simply approve or make some small adjustments to, please.

Call us - 225.336.5444 - and we'll come for a visit.

On-Site Photography

Our professional photo-journalist will meet you at your business location and photograph everything all in one meeting.

  • Building exteriors,
  • Office interiors,
  • Important tools and machinery
  • and a few candid photos of the management and/or staff.

The typical event takes 2 to 3 hours and only costs $400.

Content Development

Now that you have this beautiful website and it's programmed to do all sorts of wonderful things you suddenly realize that it's not getting launched because all those pages that you thought would be easy to fill up with text are sitting there empty. You don't know what to say, you don't know how to say it, and you're not even sure you can spell it right all the time.

No worries - we'll send a reporter and we'll write the text for you, you approve it and we go live. The typical situation takes 2 hours for interviews and 2 hours for editing and composition - all for $300.