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Honestly, we wish it would all go away. The very idea that we have to follow somebody on twitter or read one more post from somebody or some company about something we don't need today makes us groan just a little. And to suggest you do that to somebody else?! We feel your pain. We don't like to stop the bus and post to Facebook and we expect that if you've got a real life then you probably don't want to even think about it. We are right there with you. It's like a plague that has infected half the internet and we really don't see why all this useless content is being spit out or gobbled up and we expect that in time people will finally get tired of it and quit. Remember MySpace?

Then again, Facebook has done a much better job than MySpace - they even offer a business version. And in the right hands it is possible to put forth just the right amount of viable, useful information. YouTube is a great way to make available your videos; store them, play them, show them on your site! We heard a funny Tweet a month ago. Our boy has a lemonade stand and people like to know when he'll be out there selling lemonade, who'd a thought? We have a legal client that writes about the law and it is good stuff - and people read it. I went ahead and signed up on Linked In and everybody in town has connected to me so why not finish the profile and connect to my website to enhance my rankings. No harm, no real work, no problem.

Ultimately we have to decide which of the social vehicles benefits us and which don't. When we market our goods and services these tools can be very handy, very easy to use and very inexpensive as a means to get the word out and boost our rankings in the search engines. So we'll talk and work out a plan that fits your business ethics and direction and make the most of what it has to offer.


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We know you would like us to make this easy for you and we would be happy to do just that so we encourage you to give us a ring and schedule a short visit to take a real look at how this works and then decide if it is right for you. Contact us here or call (225) 336-5444.